Reiners Club

The Reining Horse Foundation is proud to offer the Reiners Club, a giving society with multiple tiers for donors to get involved and give back through annual support. Beginning with the Friend category at $100-999 per year, there is a way for you to take part.

Your contributions make possible youth scholarships, Crisis Fund grants to reiners in need and perpetuation of the sport’s history through the NRHA Hall of Fame.

Check out these giving levels and become a part of the Reiners Club today!
Champion $3,000 and above*
Partner $2,000-$2,999
Contributor $1,000-$1,999
Friend $100-999

Thank you to these 2017 Reiners Club members!

Reiners Club Friend


Reiners Club Contributor

All of the above plus:

Reiners Club Partner

All of the above plus:

Reiners Club Champion

$3,000 and Up*
All of the above plus:
*Multiyear Commitment: Become a Champion at the discounted rate of $7,200 with a three-year, up-front pledge (20% discount off annual rate)

Benefits subject to change

Reiners Club Champions

Tim & Kim Anderson
Mark & Julie Blake
Booth Ranches
Ian & Kristen Cantacuzene
Rick Clark
Mark & Janice Dickson
Jennifer Greenleaf
Mike & Bryan Hancock
Andreas Maschke
Joe & Karen Moran
Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau
Rita Reed Harris
Craig & Ginger Schmersal
Toyon Ranch LLC
Eric Unger

Reiners Club Contributors

Ann Admonius
Leslie Baker
Gary & Marian Carpenter
Dave Hack's Custom Chaps
Andre De Bellefeuille
Rebecca Jordan
Jerry & Carmen Kimmel
Morris & Merrily Kulmer
Tim & Colleen McQuay
Ed & Parker Minchin
Sandbur Video LLC

Reiners Club Friends

Arizona Reining Horse Association
Derek & Kelli Brummett
Bridget Cavanaugh
Diane Cross
Gabe A. Davide
Steven Flint
Lisa Gatt
Ann Gattuso
Todd, Vickie and Emma Holbrook
Bruce Koefoot
In Honor of Cade McCutcheon
In Honor of Carlee McCutcheon
Wanda Mutschler
NRG Energy Inc.
Louise Anne Parker
Joan Poore
Tammie Putnam
Linda Reese-Friesen
Pamela Rosi
Diane Staton
Charles & Katherine Stinner
Susan Tullock
Brett Walters
Sherry L. Watson
Charles Wiederholt
Justin Zimmerman