Reiners Club

The Reining Horse Foundation is proud to offer the Reiners Club, a giving society with multiple tiers for donors to get involved and give back through annual support. Beginning with the Friend category at $100-999 per year, there is a way for you to take part.

Your contributions make possible youth scholarships, Crisis Fund grants to reiners in need and perpetuation of the sport’s history through the NRHA Hall of Fame.

Check out these giving levels and become a part of the Reiners Club today!
Champion $3,000 and above*
Partner $2,000-$2,999
Contributor $1,000-$1,999
Friend $100-999

Reiners Club Friend


Reiners Club Contributor

All of the above plus:

Reiners Club Partner

All of the above plus:

Reiners Club Champion

$3,000 and Up*
All of the above plus:
*Multiyear Commitment: Become a Champion at the discounted rate of $7,200 with a three-year, up-front pledge (20% discount off annual rate)

Benefits subject to change

Thank you to our 2020 donors!

Reiners Club Champions - $3,000 and up/year

Tim Anderson & Kim Niven
Arizona Reining Horse Assn.
Mark & Julie Blake
Booth Ranches
Rick Clark
Frank & Susan Costantini/Markel
David & Lisa Dentoni
Elite Equine
Jennifer Greenleaf
Mike & Bryan Hancock
Michell Anne Kimball
Bruce & Marge Koefoot
Joe & Karen Moran
National Reining Breeders Classic
Pro Management Inc.
Sandbur Productions
Craig & Ginger Schmersal
Southwest Reining Horse Assn.
Toyon Ranch LLC
Vanguard Charitable—The Cantacuzene Family Charitable Fund
Jamie Walters
Everett Wiggins

Reiners Club Partners - $2,000-$2,999/year

Bur Oak Veterinary & Podiatry Services
Gary & Marian Carpenter
Low Roller Reining Classic and Northwest ARC
MS Diamonds TX

Reiners Club Contributors - $1,000-$1,999/year

Derek & Kelli Brummett
Mike Carrier
André De Bellefeuille
Mike Deer & Rita Harrington
Facebook Gifts/Network for Good
Florida Reining Horse Assn
Susan Geiger
Beth Himes
Kentucky Reining Horse Assn.
Jerry & Carmen Kimmel
George & Chloe Lawrence
Tim & Colleen McQuay
Ed & Parker Minchin
Craig & Lisa Murray
Pro Management Inc./Cheryl Cody
Andrea & Mirjam Stillo
David Stroud
David & Terri Stroud
Diane Yoder

Reiners Club Friends - $100-$999/year

Melissa Abbott
George Aldridge
AmazonSmile Foundation
Aurora Pharmaceutical
Robert (Bobby) M. Avila Jr.
Leslie Baker
Sue Barton
Dr. Bonnie Beaver
Stéphanie Benetiere
Ashley Bland
Mona Bodaness
Wesley Brown
Christy Burch
Anne-Marie Burns
Eric Carlson
Coguaike LLC
Lorenzo Concarella
Ellen Cummins
Rocky & Delise Dare
Germaine Davila
Chester Ehnisz
Equine Oasis
Jeremy Elbert
Gary Ferguson Jr.
Claire Flaherty
Lisa Gatt
Gracie Gaudagnolo
Melinda Gaw
Mark Hurd
Cindy Jerger
Bob & Linda Kiser
Janice Laney
Scott Loughridge
Terri Mainey
Erin McFarland
Glenn & Kelly Miller
Veronika Miller
Stephany Monteleone
Darrel Morris
Matt Murphy
David Nogle
Anne Oakley
Rancho Monsivais LLC
Ashley Restivo
Shawn Reynolds
Daniel Rominski
Agathe Schmidt
Mike Seay
Shannon Snyder
Leann Spurlock
Alan & Shawn Stratman
Maureen Underwood
Linde von Koeding
Brett Walters
Kristy Way
Rick Weaver
Kelly & Theresa Wick

*Subject to change.