Reiners Club

The Reining Horse Foundation is proud to offer the Reiners Club, a giving society with multiple tiers for donors to get involved and give back through annual support. Beginning with the Friend category at $100-999 per year, there is a way for you to take part.

Your contributions make possible youth scholarships, Crisis Fund grants to reiners in need and perpetuation of the sport’s history through the NRHA Hall of Fame.

Check out these giving levels and become a part of the Reiners Club today!
Champion $3,000 and above*
Partner $2,000-$2,999
Contributor $1,000-$1,999
Friend $100-999

Reiners Club Friend


Reiners Club Contributor

All of the above plus:

Reiners Club Partner

All of the above plus:

Reiners Club Champion

$3,000 and Up*
All of the above plus:
*Multiyear Commitment: Become a Champion at the discounted rate of $7,200 with a three-year, up-front pledge (20% discount off annual rate)

Benefits subject to change

Thank you to our 2022 donors!

Reiners Club Champions - $3,000 and up/year

Tim Anderson & Kim Niven
Arizona Reining Horse Assn.
Gary & Marian Carpenter
Rick Clark
Elite Equine
Jennifer Greenleaf
Mike & Bryan Hancock
High Roller Reining Classic
Karinda Kinsler
Janice Laney
Mike & Beth McFarlin
North American Reining Stakes LLC
Pro Management Inc.
Southeastern Reining Horse Association
Tulsa Reining Classic

Reiners Club Partners - $2,000-$2,999/year

902 Bar & Grill Jam Session
Great Western RHA
MS Diamonds TX

Reiners Club Contributors - $1,000-$1,999/year

Ann Admonius
Central Ohio Reining Horse Association
Andre De Bellefeuille
Beth Himes
Mathison Reining Horses Inc.
Ed & Parker Minchin
Craig & Lisa Murray
National Reining Breeders Classic
Southwest Reining Horse Association
Andrea & Mirjam Stillo
Toyon Ranch

Reiners Club Friends - $100-$999/year

George & Lisa Aldridge
AmazonSmile Foundation
Jennifer Anderson
Deborah Avila
Leslie Baker
Elizabeth Ann & Winthrop Barnard
James Patrick Barry Jr.
Sue Barton
Naike Bell
Ryley Borschneck
Holly Brady
Michelle Braithwood
Edward Bricker
Anne Brumleu
Kelli & Derek Brummett
Jason Stuart Bryant
Christy Burch
Kayla Anne Coates
Dr. Dena Corbin
Frank & Susan Costantini
Ruben Pacheco Cuevas
David Davison
Sarah Scott De Sanz
Lorie Ann Duff
Audrey Duke
Shelly Duke
Tabitha Dyal
Lynn Elberson
Stephen Everett
Don Faison
Katie Fellion
Claire Flaherty
Sonia Fossen
Jerry Fowler
Allison Gaunder
Melinda Gaw
Mary Green
Peter Guth
David Hanson
Anne Elizabeth Henry
James Hetfield
High Hopes Farms of W Grove LLC
Casey & Kathy Hinton
Marilyn Hoffman
Rebecca Hogan
Lucinda Human
Tara & Katie Jedele
Cindy Jerger
Sandy Jirkovsky
Milo Kirk
Morris & Merrily Kulmer
Pete & Tamra Kyle
Walt Larson
Jeanne Levine
Taylin Lewan
Jack Luffy
LvK Performance Horses LLC/Linde von Koeding
John & Terri Mainey
Quincy Manwaring
Jill Suzanne Matye
Delores McCalvey
Haylie McCort
Bruce McDavitt
Tony McIlnay
Deborah Meek
Lori Mendoza
Kathryn Meyers
Michigan Reining Horse Association
Christine Mills
Victoria Mincello
MK Livestock Corp
Stephany Monteleone
Robert Montgomery
Elisa Marie Myer
Network for Good/Facebook
Amy & Phillip Nichols
Rodrigo Nieves
Leah O’Brien
LeAnn Olley
Jenanne Overgaard
Borys Pardus
Veronica Phillips
Jacquelyn Redish
Sangria Ranch
Fran Santagata
Elizabeth Schaffner
Tammy Scott
Mary Jane Scruggs
Seiler Quarter Horses
Zach Sittler
Jeff Sizelove
Keith Spulnick & Meighan Janzen
Stampede Show
Charles & Katherine Stinner
Mike Stokes
Jarett & Sharon Stone
Marcy Strong
Sunset Maple Farm LLC
Clint Thomas
Scout Troutman
Rick & April Weaver
Jeffrey Thomas Whitely
Kelley Willis
Willow Rebel Ranch
Wendy Winans

*Subject to change